Mostly Larry appreciation blog, not just for the relationship but the two wonderful people that are Mr Harry Styles and Mr Louis Tomlinson <3 But i do throw some love out there for all of One Direction too!

Set List right now be like&#8230;

Set List right now be like…


Oh my god this always got to me like

imagelook how fucking proud he is with those starbucks. He doesn’t give a shit if people are using him as a waitress, cause he can strut in style with that frap shit

like look this is him bringing a shit load of coffee THAT’S IT BUT HE MAKES  IT lOOK LIKE A FUCKING CAT WALK???


"intense coffee pose"


"Oh shit this might be too much to handle" face


so done

His hair is just gorgeous here and he looks so squidgable.

Just some nice b&w Harry


"I went through media training, and I hated it. They’d teach you how to change the subject, whenever you were asked an uncomfortable question, by saying something like, “Oh, that reminds me of my dog! I have a great story about my dog!” Playing dumb is the best way of getting out of anything.”

Joe Jonas.




oh this is the media training thing i saw a while ago! it’s not the first time a dog has been bought up as a way of detracting from something:

One was in the Scott Mills Livestream interview after Harry said “Freedom” after being asked “if you could wish for anything money can’t buy” and after a little awkward mocking from the boys Louis says “to have time to have a dog” then “pulled it out of the bag, pulled it out of the bag”

Another was in an intervew where they are asked “one thing you want to do before you turn 60”

Louis - um before i turn 60 i would like to have a hit single in another planet

Niall - yeah i wanna drive the spaceship to another planet

Liam - a world tour in another planet

Harry - before i’m 60 i get married…

…………to someone from another planet(looks at Louis)

Zayn - Yeah i wanna GET A DOG

Niall is the best :)

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a collection of pretty stupid things ft. one direction


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what even is Harry Styles?

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Spring clean

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